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2024 Honey Beer Competition

Best Made-with-Honey Stouts and Porters

Honey stouts and porters. When dark, rich beer meets a subtle honey addition, it introduces a sweetness that adds depth and complexity to any beer’s flavor profile. 

When using honey in stouts and porters, it's essential to consider factors like the type of honey, the quantity used and the timing of its addition during the brewing process. The choice of honey and its specific characteristics will influence the final flavor profile of the beer. 

Additionally, keep in mind that honey can be easily overpowered by the strong flavors in stouts or porters, so finding the right balance is crucial to achieving the desired results.

We’ve taste-tested quite a few honey stouts and porters this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Mathews Brewing Co. logo

Second Helping

Lake Worth, FL

A mild roast malt and slightly nutty aroma. With an opaque brown/black color, dark chocolate, sweet coffee and slight vanilla flavor, it finishes bitter and dry, but honey contributes complexity to the vanilla flavor. Not overly sweet and not too heavy, the fact its sweetness complements the roast/bitter flavors so well that continue into the finish is what earned its No. 1 spot in our Top Honey Stouts and Porters.

No. 2

Georgia Beer Co. logo

Chocolate Covered Pecan Porter

Valdosta, GA

The malt-forward honey porter had a medium body with hints of dryness in the finish and vanilla sweetness. Some light bitterness, and light and dark fruit flavors.

No. 3

Whistle Hop Brewing logo

Baklava Imperial Pastry Stout

Fairview, NC

Overall, this is a balanced and drinkable stout. Not overly sweet, but leans toward those flavors with dark roast and cinnamon notes. We also picked up a dark fruit aroma that pulled everything together and made this beer our No. 3 Top Honey Stout.

Do you make a stout or porter with honey?

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