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2024 Honey Beer Competition

Best Made-with-Honey Lagers

We placed a call for the best lagers with honey in the United States, and brewers responded by sending in samples of their crisp, refreshing brews. To keep the smooth and mellow components of a lager while adding honey’s sweetness is a science that is a beautiful balance.

These three brewers and beers found the balance between style and flavor, and crafted our top three honey lagers.

We’ve taste-tested quite a few honey lagers this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Hachimitsu Mai

Portland, OR

Clean, crisp, outstanding and perfect are just a few words to describe this honey lager. The delicate yet complex honey flavors added with the refreshing mint and citrus notes complement this lager very well. Enjoy the unique flavors of the Chilean Ulmo honey in this beer!

No. 2

The BUZZ Honey Lager

Lake Havasu City, AZ

The warming sensation is a lingering, comforting effect that complements the subtle floral hops in this delicious beer. With a golden hue and well balanced flavor, beer aficionados can’t get enough of it.

No. 3

Tiny Bomb

Memphis, TN

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing tiny about the taste of this lager. As a medium-bodied beer with a delightful floral aroma, it makes for a smooth sipping experience. The honey usage is the added touch to rank high on our list.

Do you make a lager with honey?

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