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2024 Honey Beer Competition

Best Made-with-Honey IPAs

India Pale Ale, IPA for short, has become the craft beer connoisseur’s leading beer. IPAs pair well with spicy foods, fancy cheeses and make for the perfect weekend cold drink.

Whether it’s a classic English-style focusing on balance and moderate hop bitterness or American-style that’s bold and hop-forward or double with a higher alcohol content, IPAs just get better when honey is added.

We’ve tasted countless honey IPAs. Here are our three favorites.

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Inch Wide, Mile Deep

Lombard, IL

Meadowfoam honey is a fan favorite, and when it’s added to a beer, it instantly tops the charts of our favorite IPA. Tropical aromas from sabro hops boost the flavor profile and take it to new heights. Overall, this IPA hit every mark!

No. 2

White Reaper

Mishawaka, IN

The combination of flavors in this beer are perfectly balanced. Light cracker malt blended with wildflower honey, coriander, orange peel and lemongrass has a flavor profile like no other. With a smooth and creamy consistency, White Reaper is an IPA that shouldn’t be passed up.

No. 3

How Bees Fly

Elburn, IL

This DIPA has complex flavors with unique ingredients that takes IPAs to a new level of craft beer drinking. Tropical fruits give off a refreshing aroma, and buckwheat honey is the perfect added touch.

Do you make an IPA with honey?

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