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2024 Honey Beer Competition

Best Made-with-Honey Amber/Brown Ales

Amber/brown ales exemplify balance and versatility. Sweetness of malt and bitterness of hops combined with added notes of honey is a perfect match. Crafting a classic ale leaves room for innovation and creativity.

The attraction of the amber hue is an invitation to smooth, sipping suds while the rich and toasted flavors of brown ales make each pull delightful. We hope you enjoy these amber/brown ales as much as we do

We’ve taste-tested quite a few honey amber/brown ales this year. 

Here are our three favorites.

No. 1

Downton Abbee

Chicago, IL

The buckwheat honey gives a robust and earthy flavor to this beer. The slight hazy hue is an added touch to complement Downton Abbee. The dark malt and hop balance each other out.

No. 2

Bumble Bear

Milwaukee, WI

Bumble Bear is highly drinkable beer that delivers the aroma of caramel and honey.

No. 3


Athens, OH

A classic ale with a classic taste and a sweet twist. The flavor profile of the faint roasted notes paired with the wildflower honey is a treat. With the right amount of hops and malts, Chomolungma is a smooth, crisp high five in every sip.

Do you make an amber/brown ale with honey?

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