2022 Honey Beer Competition

The National Honey Board is in search of the best beers made with honey for its 2022 Honey Beer Competition.

Online Registration Due July 20, 2022
Shipments Due July 21-31, 2022

The Honey Beer Competition is a BJCP sanctioned competition hosted by the National Honey Board to recognize the best beers in the United States that use honey. The competition will be judged by BJCP-certified judges.

Check out the winners of the 2021 Honey Beer Competition here!

Here’s What You Need to Know

Each entry consists of three bottles or cans, at least 12oz or larger.

Fill out the registration form on this website by Wednesday, July 20. The competition will be limited to 300 entries.

Breweries may submit multiple entries per category, but each beer may only be entered in one category.

The beer must be brewed with honey at some point in the brewing process.

Your beer must be commercially available in the United States.

Questions? Email alison@honey.com

2022 Categories

General Lager

General Ale

Amber/Brown Ales

Belgian-Style Ales

Fruit, Vegetable and Spice Beer




Wheat Beer

Historical Beer


Barrel Aged

Hard Seltzer