2020 Honey Beer Competition

Registration for Professional Homebrewers

We know this year has been tough. None of us would have guessed when we opened our Honey Beer Competition registration that we would be shutting our doors and quarantining inside, indefinitely. We know many of our friends in the brewing industry are wondering what’s next and how to keep positive in such uncertain times, so we put our heads together and thought of how we could help.

We feel the one area the National Honey Board can contribute is to continue to support the brewing industry by hosting free educational events and a free competition every year. We know this won’t be a “normal” Honey Beer Competition, so we thought we’d use this opportunity to expand our categories this year by adding a “professional homebrewer” category. This is a category for professional brewers that may not have the ability to develop new honey beers at their brewery, but still want to explore the world of brewing with honey at home.

We want you to get back to brewing and to create pure inspiration. And we want to be here for you, and to promote you.

All registrations must be submitted by the entry deadline of July 17th. Each beer entered, regardless of the style, will be judged in one category. Register today!