Packaging, Labeling & Shipping

2017 Honey Beer Competition

All brewing companies must clearly label EVERY bottle or can of beer being sent with the following information:
  1. Name of the brewing company
  2. Name of the beer
  3. Category in which the beer will be judged

Package your beers to ensure they won’t break during transit. The National Honey Board is not responsible for broken shipments, however we will contact the brewery if broken bottles are received. If breweries wish, they can include cold packs in their shipments.

Each shipment should include a note or label that states the name of the brewing company, name of the beer and which category you wish your beer to compete in.

  1. Place all bottles standing upright in the shipping container. All bottles should be wrapped and secured.
  2. Include sufficient packaging materials (bubble wrap, etc.).
  3. Beers sent in coolers or other special containers will not be returned.
  4. Any unused beers will not be sent back to the applicant after the competition.

Ready to register?

Submissions are limited to only commercially produced beers of the listed style options from an active brewery within the United States. Registration for the competition is free! However all registrations must be submitted by the entry deadline of June 30th. Each brewery may submit an unlimited number of entries into the competition.